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If you are a taxpayer, a tax lawyer is one of the best persons that you can entrust with your tax problems. Taxation law or income tax law is a field of law where officially sanctioned or governmental bodies, including state, federal and municipal governments utilize a body of rules and laws to determine and collect taxes from an individual or organization in a lawful context, check Dawn Delia. Taxation is governed by many factors, including the intent of the tax authority and the taxing authority itself, the kind of property involved, and the type of transactions included in the tax determination process. Some states and provinces have policies encouraging the collection of extra taxes by individuals and some jurisdictions have policies discouraging the collection of extra taxes by businesses. Thus, it can be difficult to seek out the appropriate person to assist with your tax situation.

Tax lawyers typically engage in several practice areas. They tend to specialize in either criminal tax law (filing under state statutes) or in tax litigation (filing federal and state appeals). While criminal tax lawyers pursue cases involving criminally prohibited tax crimes such as fraud, misrepresentation, theft, money laundering and other related charges, these practitioners are not privy to issues pertaining to federal tax regulations, such as the internal revenue code itself. Moreover, these practitioners are usually not familiar enough with local administrative practices and codes outside their state to assist taxpayers in such areas.

A business attorney, on the other hand, practices within a state's corporate taxation environment. While corporate tax attorneys can file state reports with the state, business tax attorneys generally file federal reports only. View, thus, if a business attorney represents a taxpayer who has filed state reports, the firm may also provide assistance with filing federal reports, but not with those filed in states. Tax lawyers can be instrumental in assisting taxpayers in understanding the parameters of the IRS power to tax certain kinds of income or in determining whether such income is taxable or not.

Like other qualified legal professionals, tax lawyers pursue a variety of clients through the course of their careers. Some of the most common tax issues that he encounters include issues with payroll taxes, vendor taxes, estate taxes, charity taxes and self-employment taxes. As such, a tax lawyer can be found at virtually every corporate level and in all walks of life, from small entities to multinational corporations.

Taxation laws vary from one jurisdiction to another. In the United States for example, there are two major tax systems - state and federal. Every citizen is required to register and pay taxes with both types of tax systems. Taxation lawyers deal with issues involving federal tax law, while business tax lawyers focus their efforts on issues that pertain to businesses. They advise taxpayers as to where they need to register for filing taxes and how they should pay the requisite amounts.

Tax lawyers often work with clients that have complex financial affairs. He or she will often consult with individuals and couples about saving and protecting their wealth. These professionals may also counsel them on ways to minimize their tax liabilities. Whether they work with individuals or large businesses, tax lawyers often work on a contingency basis, which means that they only get paid if they win a case for their clients. Read more at


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